Lucy is Vanity Fair‘s Vanities in the latest issue of the magazine (November).

Scan from the September issue of W magazine featuring Lucy has been added to our gallery as well as two outtakes!

Lucy is featured in the October/November issue of BUST magazine. The shoot is simply gorgeous (and definitely in the theme with some Halloween/witchy vibes). You can visit the gallery now for digital scans. Please credit the site if repost/use, it would be much appreciated. Enjoy!

Entertainment Weekly released a first look at ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ in the May 12 issue. Thanks to my friend Emily for the scans.

Magazine Scans > 2017 > Entertainment Weekly (May 12)

It’s finally here, thanks to Entertainment Weekly and their first look at Lucy as Countess Andrenyi in ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. Of all the projects coming this year, this one is definitely a big one for Lucy and we are pretty excited about it! Head over to our gallery to see two promotional pictures.

Lucy is featured in the May issue of Nylon magazine with a new photoshoot that you can also found in our gallery as well as high quality scans.

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