During her stay in New York City, Lucy was photographed for the Office magazine. I’ve added the photoshoot in our gallery and you can now read the full interview below!

OFFICE – The Netflix Original Series ‘Gypsy’ should be your weekend binge. Naomi Watts as a controlling shrink and a slew of other notable stars are taking on the task of re-inventing any commercialized perceptions of mental illness that we have previously taken in through media. And British actress Lucy Boynton is one of them, and somehow found time in her hectic schedule the day before the show release to have a chat with us.

Tell us a little bit about the new show you star in.
Gypsy follows a New York therapist, played by Naomi Watts. It explores the boundaries between patient and doctor— she kind of starts to play puppeteer with her clients.

Thinking about the darker themes in the show, how did you relate to those or get into character?
I play Alison, and when we first meet her she’s on amphetamines. By the time we meet her, she’s been addicted for a year so she’s learned how to contain it kind of, and lie very effectively about it. It was kind of trying to find a balance between feeling that frenzy and that need, but also keeping it contained.

It sounds very psychological. Have you ever done a project like that?
I don’t think I’ve done anything quite like Gypsy before. Especially the honest way that it is written. Each character would be easy to put in a “box”, make them the stereotype version we’ve seen—drug addicted teenager—but the way the writer has done show is very human and real.

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Lucy attended a special screening of ‘Gypsy’ on June 29 in New York City alongside her co-stars Naomi Watts, Sophie Cookson and Melanie Liburd. Thanks again to Nicole for some of the pictures!

Lucy and the cast of ‘Gypsy’ were in New York City on June 29 and they stopped by the AOL BUILD Speaker Series to promote their new project. The gallery has been updated with several pictures from that day, with a big thanks to my friends at Marvelous Margot for the help.

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Lucy is featured in the Sunday issue of YOU magazine! The new photoshoot and gorgeous and below, you can read the full interview. Enjoy!

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YOU – Having been discovered as a South London schoolgirl, Lucy Boynton may now become the Netflix face of her generation. The former child actress – who has made the elusive leap to adult star – is poised to be binge-watched by her millennial contemporaries when she appears opposite Naomi Watts in Gypsy, a highly anticipated new drama from the streaming service. In the ten-part series, released this month, Lucy plays a young woman addicted to prescription pills who becomes overly close to her therapist [Naomi], who has issues of her own and encourages the crossing of doctor-patient boundaries. I have previewed the show, filmed in New York and directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson (among others), and predict it will be a huge hit. ‘Big films used to be very much the thing, but nowadays people see the value in getting to explore characters over a longer space of time,’ says Lucy.

We meet just hours after she has finished filming in a Welsh forest for another Netflix drama, Apostle, starring Dan Stevens (of Downton fame), about a religious cult in 1905, with Lucy playing the leader’s daughter. Filming wrapped at 2am: ‘Sorry I am so incoherent,’ she croaks. ‘Lack of sleep is not helping my vocabulary.’ Yet despite being tired, she is articulate and effusive.

From Blackheath, Southeast London, Lucy, 23, is the daughter of two journalists, which may explain her eloquence. Her father Graham is a newspaper travel editor and her mother Adriaane is a freelance writer. Lucy seems highly intelligent and is a product of top London girls’ schools: first Blackheath High School, where she was discovered in a drama class aged 11, and then James Allen’s Girls’ School, which also turned out actresses Charlotte Ritchie and Sally Hawkins.

For as long as Lucy can remember, she has wanted to act. ‘It was never enough for me to just watch something, I needed to understand it. My favourite film was My Girl [the 1991 coming-of-age tale]. I’d replay Anna Chlumsky doing the funeral scene [her best friend dies from an allergic reaction to a bee sting] over and over, and then go to the mirror to see if I could make myself cry by thinking of my cat dying.

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Lucy attended the London Edition’s Summer Solstice Party hosted by Leith Clark & Violet Book on June 21, 2017 in London. Many thanks to my friend at Marvelous Margot!

I have updated the gallery with our first episode still (from 1×06) featuring Lucy in ‘Gypsy’. We still don’t know much about her character but be sure to check Netflix on June 30 for more!
Thanks to my friend Emily at Marvelous Margot for the help.